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Terms of sales 2017 – SECURITAG SAS

The present terms and conditions are intended to govern the rights and obligations of SECURITAG SAS in connection with the sale of its products and accessories. In the absence of a contract concluded between the company SECURITAG SAS and its customer or of general or specific conditions of purchase expressly accepted by the company SECURITAG SAS, the sales made are subject to the general conditions of sale described hereafter. Consequently, any sale concluded by the company SECURITAG SAS implies the unreserved adherence of the customer to these general conditions of sale, excluding any catalog prospectus or other advertising document, which have only indicative value.


a) All prices are in Euro Tax Excl., shipping, packing and handling charges not included

b) Sale Prices are valid until 31/12/2017, within the limit of available stocks. Due to fluctuations in the price of raw materials and the exchange rate, we may change our rates without delay and subject to changes in the VAT rate.
c) Refunds or discounts will be definitively acquired to our customers only after written confirmation from us. Furthermore, they can only be granted if our customers have scrupulously complied with our general conditions of sale, that is to say according to the qualities acquired or delivered by the supplier at one time and only one place, or Regularity of its orders during the whole period preceding the granting of such rebates or discounts.
d) All orders are invoiced in euros and payable in euros.

2 – Conditions applicable to the order

a) All orders must be placed on our website www.sea-tags.com or in writing, preferably on our order form signed by the customer. If this order results from an offer of sale issued by our company, then our offer of sale must be countersigned by the customer and returned to our services. Product offers are within the limit of available stocks and without any special commitment of SECURITAG SAS. A confirmation of order will be sent to you by e-mail, the latter will then become firm and definitive, resulting in the acceptance of all the general conditions.
b) In the event of a request for modification or cancellation, in whole or in part, of an order from our customers, it must be sent to us in writing no later than five working days after the date of the order. In the event that a customer cancels all or part of an order out of time, he will have to pay us, by way of compensation, an amount equal to 20% of the value excluding tax of the products concerned.
c) The goods ordered are exclusively for the customer whose name and address appear on the order form. The sale of these goods to other stores or other places of sale without the prior written consent of SECURITAG SAS is not permitted. In the event of a retrocession, SECURITAG SAS reserves the right to break off commercial relations with the customer.
d) We reserve the right to endorse any order upon receipt, after reviewing the client’s financial situation.
e) As the above requirements have been fulfilled, the contract shall be deemed definitively concluded for a period of one year on the date of signature, in accordance with articles 1583 et seq. Of the Civil Code. It can not under penalty of damages, be canceled by the customer, unless prior agreement of the parties.


Our delivery unit is the standard packaging, defined product by product and presented in our rates. This standard packaging usually corresponds to our minimum packaging. We therefore ask you to place your orders according to a whole number of these packages, any partial packaging being excluded.


  • Packaging per box of 10 or per carton of 40 for the reference ST002

  • Packaging unit for ST-BAG20L & amp; ST-009


Orders sent by mail / telephone Orders via extranet
Minimum Order: Box of 10
Management fee of € 6.00 excl. VAT
Franco de Port: 1.500 € VAT not included
Minimum packaging: Carton de 10
Franco de Port: 500 € VAT Excl.
N.B: For any order less than the free, the amount of the shipping costs will be transmitted to you before validation of the order.
NB: access to your professional account on www.sea-tags.com is possible after your account opening has been validated by the sales department and a first order has been placed via other networks (email, fax Or telephone)


Except in the case of written agreements to the contrary, transport costs are always borne by the customer.
A) We mean by delivery, delivery of products to our customers at the place of delivery indicated on the order form and the order confirmation voucher.
B) The delivery period will be indicated as an indication, as soon as the order is placed, subject to the availability of the items. The delivery period begins to run only from the moment when the buyer’s file is deemed complete, which implies in particular: compliance with the agreed terms of payment (payment of interim payment in particular) and delivery by the buyer. Customer of all the technical, commercial, financial or administrative information or documents necessary for the execution of the order.
(C) Claims for deliveries shall be accepted only within the limit of 48 hours following receipt.
(D) In ​​any event, it shall be the responsibility of the customer to ensure receipt of the goods. In the absence of the customer, a notice of transit will be deposited at the delivery address. The customer may contact the carrier to arrange another appointment. The costs of a re-delivery will be borne by the customer. The customer must check, in front of the delivery person, the visual appearance of the package (s) to verify that it has not suffered any shock or degradation; Otherwise, the customer must systematically make reservations on the delivery note, specifying the nature of the damage found. Attention the mention “subject to unpacking or damage” has no value, can not be taken into account. A complaint by registered letter must be sent to the carrier within 48 hours with a copy for SECURITAG SAS.
E) The goods always travel at the risks and peril of the customer, even in case of free sale. In case of damage, theft, total or partial loss, it is the buyer’s responsibility to make any reservation with the carrier within three days of receipt by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, a copy of which will be sent to SECURITAG SAS. Failing this, no claims will be accepted.
F) Delay in delivery: Delivery times are only indicative and their overrun can not in any case be entitled to compensation, deduction or cancellation of order.
(G) Absence of delivery: The fact that the seller is unable, as a result of force majeure or unanticipated delays in the delivery of his raw materials or faulty deliveries by his suppliers or service providers, to deliver, Cause the contract of sale. The buyer can not then demand from the seller nor expedition on the previously confirmed date, nor indemnity, whatever it is.


The following are considered cases of force majeure relieving the seller of his obligation to deliver: wars, riots, insurrections, fire, floods and other natural events, strikes and other labor disputes, accidents, impossibility To be supplied with goods, materials or energy, and in general any event beyond the control of the seller. The seller will keep the buyer informed of the above cases and events as soon as possible. In any case, delivery on time can only take place if the buyer is up to date of his obligations towards the seller, whatever the cause.

The guarantee of our products, according to the selected range (information available from our sales department) is valid from the date of invoice, beyond the guarantee deadline, no credit can be made. We disclaim any liability for services to third parties. We guarantee the goods delivered as being free from any defect. However, in case of hidden defects or defects, the buyer must provide proof (serial number …), indicate the number of articles concerned and describe the nature of the problem.
For any warranty claim, the conditions are as follows:


  1. No return will be accepted without the prior agreement of our sales department which assigns an authorization number and a return voucher. This form, once completed, must accompany the returned goods (outside the packages).

  3. No return will be accepted if the product is not carefully packed in its original packaging with a print copy.

  5. The freight costs related to the return of the goods are the responsibility of the customer, except in exceptional cases granted by SECURITAG SAS

  7. After verification and identification of our products and within the guarantee period, a corresponding credit is established at the last recorded purchase price.
    In case of return of unused products, the product must be in Its original packaging intact (no label or other inscription) and in good condition. A discount will be applied on the unit price of the items, the amount of the discount will be fixed by the commercial.

  9. When the company recognizes the items as defective, an asset will be made, without the buyer being able to claim compensation for any cause whatsoever. This warranty is valid only to the extent that the products are kept and / or used under normal conditions.

  10. In case of returned product foreign to our manufacture, we keep the product at your disposal in our premises for a period of 1 month from the information of our commercial department. Beyond this period and unless otherwise informed by the customer, these goods will be eliminated.


    All invoices are dated from the day of placing the goods at the disposal of the customers and bear the value of the day of their issue. As of May 1, 2017, invoices can be downloaded directly from your account at www.sea-tags.com, unless otherwise requested by the customer, request to be made by mail.


    For any account opening, the first order is payable in advance without discount only by bank transfer. For the following orders, the payment method will be defined with our sales department.
    For orders and delivery outside Metropolitan France, payment will be made before shipping.
    In the event that the outstanding amount is exceeded, the payment must be made upon order. The settlement conditions are subject to revision, in particular in the case of unpaid or non-compliance with settlement deadlines. In case of unpaid payment, the expenses incurred by this unpaid amount will be invoiced back to the customer.


    The payment deadlines granted must be scrupulously respected, failing which the customer exposes himself to:


    • On the one hand, a forfeiture of the term for all of its debts to us, as soon as one deadline has not been met.

    • On the other hand, a questioning of its conditions of settlement and, to the extreme, the refusal, without notice, of any subsequent delivery including orders in progress, without giving rise to the payment of damages And interests.

    By express agreement and unless delayed solicited on time and granted by the company SECURITAG the default of payment of our goods by the fixed deadline will result in:


    • An increase for late payment interest calculated on the whole of the remaining amount due and starting from the original due date, at a rate equal to the legal interest rate equal to 3 times the legal interest rate. (Law 288-776 of 4 August 2008).

    • For damages, in the event of contentious intervention, a flat-rate indemnity of 40 euros will be levied for collection costs. (Decree 2012-1115 of 2 October 2012).


    Pursuant to Law 80.335 of 12 May 1980, we reserve the ownership of the goods delivered until they are paid in full. During the period of retention of title, the customer will bear the risk of loss or destruction of the products sold as soon as they are delivered. The customer remains responsible, from the date of delivery, the maintenance of these products and the damages they may incur. In the event of legal redress or liquidation of the customer, the ownership of products delivered and left unpaid may be claimed by SECURITAG. In the event of resale of the products supplied by the company SECURITAG, when the customer has not paid the full price, the latter undertakes to inform all purchasers of this retention of title clause on these products and Of the right of the company SECURITAG to claim in its hands either the products concerned or the price of these.

    11 – DISPUTES

    In the event of a dispute, the parties shall endeavor to settle the dispute amicably. Failing this, only the French Commercial Court of Nantes will be competent.