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Fail-safe system

When wristbands are turned on, they continuously transmit a signal that one or more Smartphones can monitor using the application.


Your Smartphone signals an alarm if the wristband wearer falls overboard…

When a wristband is immersed, the signal is interrupted and the monitoring phone (or phones) automatically triggers an alarm and records the GPS position at the time of the incident.

Heading and distance

The Sea-Tags application displays the MOB’s position, the real-time position of the boat, and provides real-time updates of the heading and distance to retrieve the MOB.

LENGTH : 36 mm | WIDTH : 32 mm | THICKNESS : 9 mm | WEIGHT : 13 grams | BATTERY : CR2032 – 3Volts | BATTERY LIFE (continuous use) : 600 hours | COVERAGE : 100 m in open environment | FREQUENCY : 4 per second | WATERPROOF : IP67 | USES BLUETOOTH TECHNOLOGY | CERTIFICATION CE, FCC & IC.

Sea-Tags is an electronic information system which helps detect MOB events. It must not replace usual safety protocols and mandatory security equipment. Sea-Tags cannot guarantee the transmission of SMS data on GSM networks which depend on the quality of network coverage at the time of the incident. In no event shall SECURITAG be liable for any damages resulting from, arising out of, or in connection with the use of their products.