Filovent raises interest in Sea-Tags to advance safety in boat rentals.

Calling on Filovent does not only mean turning to the rental professional. It is also to trust an expert who not only cares about your comfort and well-being, but also and above all about your safety at sea. And because your safety is one of his priorities, Filovent supports use of Sea-Tags. A system that makes security much more accessible to all browsers.

Sea-Tags allows you to keep an eye on your loved ones at sea …
Designed by the company SECURITAG SAS, the Sea Tags is a man overboard alert system, presented in the form of a beacon communicating in Bluetooth with a free application on smartphone (iOS, Android).
Once turned on and monitoring enabled, the beacons continuously emit a signal that is picked up by one or more smartphones equipped with the application.
In case of immersion, the signal is cut off and the phone (s) automatically triggers an alarm and records the GPS position at the time of the incident.
The Sea-Tags app displays the man-over-sea position, the boat’s real-time position on the map, and continuously updates the course and distance to return to the recorded point.

… or ashore
Sea-Tags can also be used if you are navigating alone.
However, the solitary mode is the only case where you have to stay in a mobile network coverage area (GSM) to use the Sea-Tags application.
In the event of a fall at sea, the phone on board will send an SMS with the position of the man at sea at the time of the fall. The person on shore will be able to contact the rescue services and provide them with the latest GPS position of the person who fell overboard.
Awarded at the METSTRADE trade show in Amsterdam last November, with the award of the DAME Award in the category “Lifesaving and Safety Equipment”, the French innovation has seduced the world of sailing.
Its simplicity of use, its efficiency and its affordable price seduced Filovent!

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